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If I ever need to type a long research paper so glad that my schooling days are behind me! It has nice strong keys so feel free to bash away! Underneath these keys there is a centralised contact slider and either side there are plastic supports.

By default, when the keyboard is first installed and each subsequent time the PC is switched on the keyboard lights up constant red at the highest brightness level. Once testing of the upstream kernel is complete, please mark this bug as “Confirmed”.

The Masione Pro Gaming Keyboard – The Revisionist

The Revisionist I own this blog. The see through letterings allow for the backlight to glow through in a mesmerizing way. Email me about changes to this bug report.

While one can easily be obtained separately it will never be attached to the keyboard so when moving the keyboard. Show More Show Less.

Masione LED USB Gaming Keyboard With 7 Adjustable Colorful Backlights for PC

Though it sounds like a new keyboard is a better option. I have scoured the net for similar problems, and found an identical sounding bug for an Azio keyboard. I tried that driver after modifying the source code to apply to 1c4f: Thanks for the catch. Installed on 1 days ago InstallationMedia: As for evtest, pressing left control, left super, left alt, right alt, right super, right control in that order produces the following repetitive output: Once the highest brightness level has been reached it, then gradually becomes dimmer until there is no light at all.


Now your keyboard stays lit for hours and hours! It is not a loud keyboard at all. Also, there mzsione been a couple instances when the computer shutdown but the backlight on the keyboard stayed lit, which acted as a sort of nightlight so again, the backlight is nice but its quirky.

The size and spacing of the keys is good and key wobble is minimal comparable to that of my Corsair K70 with the exception of the spacebar which does have some fairly notable wobble but given its size I suppose it is to be expected.

Masione LED USB Gaming Keyboard with 7 Adjustable Colorful Backlights Review | Game On!

Despite their small size these pads are highly effective to the point that a great deal of force has to be used to move they keyboard, so much so that it is insurmountably easier to just lift the keyboard. So it’s surprisingly easy and pleasant to type on.


At that much time of keyboard inactivity the lights automatically turn off. Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury wrote on To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A manual really would have been nice you know.

Having personally tested on Windows 7 Pro Bit and 8. In the case of the Masione keyboard the slider mounts are not Cherry MX compatible, so while the key caps are replaceable they would appear to be of a proprietary design. Eric Bennett 0cseric-wz6bky wrote on PeterDaveHello hsu-8 wrote on To enlarge an image and view its description, please click on the image. You ,eyboard commenting kryboard your Twitter account.

System Product Name dmi.

Masione LED USB Gaming Keyboard with 7 Adjustable Colorful Backlights Review

Design You can tell that the Masione was definitely designed for gamers in mind, once you see that the keyboard has drainage holes on the bottom in case of a spilt drink. When you do the math, the cost of a mechanical keyboard starts to make financial sense if you are a heavy keybboard. You are commenting using your Facebook account.