Frontline’s goal is to deliver a compact ‘grand tourer’ that will still happily devour a track day, so as standard it has just the two seats and a rear luggage deck. This hardware is attached to new British Motor Heritage bodyshells, which Frontline has seam-welded to maximise strength, correcting all the usual rust trouble spots in the process. Period Dunlops look ace; wires as an option The LE50 is a planned production run of 50 brand new MGBs, celebrating the car’s 50th anniversary in with the full approval of British Motor Heritage Limited – the license holder for the classic MG brand. Which in this case is to deliver a car that looks to all intents and purposes like a classic MGB, yet goes like the absolute clappers. Period features are faithfully done. You know you want to Will it keep up with a furiously driven Clio Renaultsport on a demanding B-road, or offer the outright performance of a comparatively priced Cayman?

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At the heart of the LE50 beats a brand new, factory supplied, 2.

Driven: the MG LE50

Definitely not numbers. You’d swear the motor was greater capacity even as it screams towards the 7,rpm peak – and the gorgeous short-throw gearbox action, which snaps through the changes so sweetly you can’t help but use it far more than strictly necessary.

For this LE50 Plus, though, the engine can be in Euro 4 management spec and, in a sort of Euro-previous-century style, can run without a catalytic converter because this is nominally a car. I’d have mine as a Sebring rep please.


MG Share this page: Frontline’s Tim Fenna has seen mph on the accurate speedometer at the end of the Bruntingthorpe test track’s straight, with the LE50 Plus still ,e50, so there’s substance to the mph claim. Wow 50K for a mazda in ls50 clothing is alot! The look is deliberately classic, with chrome bumpers and Dunlop wheels.

Nervous twitch Fire it up and somehow the needles flicker with that fabulous uncertainty I always associate with tasty classic machinery before settling, immediately warming the blood. Surprisingly, the steering retains the original MGB rackwith the relatively slow gearing needed for a lack of power assistance.

Driven: Frontline Developments MG LE50

The MGB has never looked, or driven, so well. And the instruments are still Smiths souund wear their original-style typefaces. Heritage shell means no butchered donor. Heritage shell means no butchered donor Modern twist Frontline has chosen to use a tweaked Mazda MX-5 unit. Lovely car but it would have to be very, very good to be worth 50k. Save money on your car insurance Compare quotes Compare insurance quotes.

This car certainly feels very lively indeed, with none of the inertia and lugubriousness of an original MGB to which, shape apart, it bears practically no comparison. BMW M2 Competition vs. There will be only The engine drives the rear wheels via the MX-5’s lightweight, all-aluminium six-speed manual gearbox.

One look at the complex electrical system, as laid bare during production, is proof of that. Despite a beautifully leather-trimmed interior and lots of Dynamat heat-and-sound insulation, this bhp car weighs just kg, spread almost equally between the four Dunlop-branded 15in aluminium wheels.


This service is provided by Disqus and is subject to their privacy policy and terms of use. I suspect you’d also be slightly missing the point.

The new shell comes from the official Heritage plant, made lw50 original MG tools. But could you really consider one of these over a Porsche Cayman?

Driven: the MG LE50 | Top Gear

It’s quite fidgety and needs a smooth road to settle properly at speed. Slund well as its extra urge, the Plus gets tougher brake pads, a plate-type limited-slip diff from Tran-ex part of Quaifean upshift light triggered at rpm rpm shy of the rev limit and a lower ride height by 20mm up front le500 15mm at the rear.

Turn the key, push the bakelite starter button and the dashboards bespoke period Smiths instruments spring to life, fully digital internals ensuring complete accuracy. But who says you have lw50 This is simply a hoot. At the back, the live axle stays but is properly located with four links and a Panhard rod and sprung, again, by Avo coilovers. These are cars you could happily use every day. But it would still be standard: Suspension is still double wishbones at the front, but just the original crossmember remains, with wishbones, hubs, Avo coilover dampers and geometry all new.