For instance, if a music file is placed on the drive and played back it will begin to play then suddenly freeze. Kernel panics occurring when the drive is connected, and the drive not being recognized by the operating system are known issues. First, you may wish to make sure you have installed the update for your card unless this has been specifically done. Any ideas on what I could try? He’s shooting for the first couple of weeks of January. If you have four GB HDs in the enclosure you will not notice the issue. An unworking mechanism will be replaced.

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Failing this it is possible the card may be starting to fail. Another strange thing that I observed is that copying data FROM that drive to another drive did not seem to create a problem. Resellers have direct access to our returns system through the Reseller Zone on our website and are able to book a return for the item there.

Dec 11, If you have four GB HDs in the enclosure you will not notice the issue. If they are unable or unwilling to assist you, please contact us back straight away and we can raise a return.

Your description seems to indicate the enclosure does not wake from sleep properly with a SATA computer connection. I would have bought another card, but on their expess when I bought the drive it was listed as suggested accessories for this drive. I did get some help from Sonnet though. Still waiting to hear back from Sonnet.


Lacie eSATA II PCI Express 4-Port Controller Card

Each enclosure supports up to 5 disks. Dec 8, 8: It sounds like you never erased the disk with the card or you would have seen this issue right away.

Do be sure that we have the correct serial number for the product in question exprees that your Shipping Address on file is correct. It is understandable that when you choose a new technology that is mostly tested on a PC there may be some Macintosh eSATA connection issues.

Lacie eSATA II PCI Express 4-Port Controller Card | Elive NZ

Any ideas on what I could try? Since it does appear that your card is within warranty, with respect to repairs and depending on your relationship with your reseller, they are your first exrpess for assistance in obtaining warranty service. The hatter The hatter. PIO Command completed with error Dec 18 Dec 21, Dec 11, 1: User pc for user: If yes, the problem might be this one: Has anyone found a resolution to this?

Do you have any advice you could lend – LaCie’s tech support has been completely useless when it comes to a Mac.


During startup of the drive, while connected to the Sonnet card prior to noticable data access issues, I receive these messages in Console: You can read more about these combinations here: The update has not helped and I do not have another Mac to try the card on. Much thanks for any help you can provide!

LaCie 4-Port eSATA II PCI Express Card

This is new technology that will not work with most SATA controllers. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Dear John, I would certainly make a backup of any important data. These drives include but are not limited to: I seem to have data access issues between the two though.

The errors that Console is reporting when my errors occur are: Even though it will be slower at least it will tell you if the enclosure will work properly on your Macintosh. I’m now only using USB until the new driver is ready and they are confident that my issue will be resolved with that software.