Some were in my price bracket even! These were taken by Stacy, the 5 year-old. What could be easier? After a picture is on my desktop I can alter it a pixel at a time if need be anyway with existing software. Let go of the yellow button and the memory will be cleared.

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Showing of 64 reviews. As 33.0 bonus however you can increase the memory with an expandable memory card but that costs extra and will put the price of the camera up if you choose to go down that avenue.

Introduction Overall, this is a pretty impressive little camera for the price. Occasionally I have noticed overexposure.

KB Gear JamCam 3.0

We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to jamxam. This just resizes the images from x to x when you download them.

The JamCam could do the same. It has a flash unit, which others in the cheap price bracket didn’t. I guess that’s just “The Microshaft Way”.

Review: JamCam Digital Camera

With my Fuji digicam, the images appear in a new drive on my machine as soon as I plug in the USB jsmcam. All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. On the bottom of the main screen there are icons for modifying pictures, but raising the bottom lost them so I can’t comment on how they behaved.


Easy to hold, hard to hurt, easy to use.


Click on them for the full size version. There is a ‘film wind on’ equivalent in the image compressing stage – which takes longer for the larger images. The dynamic range of the camera is udb short, so light areas can be easily blown out when they don’t really look all that bright.

Macintosh Requirements Mac OS 8. John’s Gallery To hsb you an idea of what is possible with the JamCam 2. White Balance White Balance.

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KB Gear JamCam 3. My experience with jqmcam the JamCam 2. This just resizes the images from x to x when you download them.

In case you’ve lost your instruction manual, the most important task you’ll need to be able to do is to clear the camera’s memory after you pull off the pictures. There are no ads on this page, and there never will be.

Color Corrected So, if you’ve got the ultra-expensive Photoshop for your ultra-cheap JamCam, you can get passable results in low light. That was fixed in the PhotoSharp version see below. The following version is a quick attempt at color correcting the above image ain’t auto-levels grand?


These were taken by Stacy, the 5 year-old. Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman Dec 19, Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

Send such queries to the Editor who can perhaps use them as a Reader’s Write for someone out there to respond with the answers. It is more targeted at people who don’t understand what sharpening is and love the really dark prints they get at the drugstore. Remember this is a basic digital camera and has next to no fancy extras. Toys and Tabletop Games jamczm Bonnie Burton 8 days ago. Sure the quality’s low, but it is workable. Smart Home by Gordon Gottsegen Nov 19, Mobile Accessories by Joshua Ajmcam Nov 19,