While looking at the Icom firmware download page, looking at IC updates, I noticed there had been several new firmware AND software updates for this receiver since I had bought it. Icom seem to have taken the best features of the r and the R20 and put them all together in to this package. There are nights when I can barely get a MW signal on other receivers that I get a solid copy signal virtually every 10 KHZ with this radio. Easy recording is nice. Good points – Remote head is great and works really well.

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I then tried the Icom software, it worked okay but was full of bugs, and quite restricted in functionality.

In my experience and for my use, this radio is a solid winner. According to the S-Meter level, each channel status is visually displayed by three background colors.

Icom PCR 1500 SDR Receiver

The software works very well and I can’t find anything I don’t like about it so far, it is full of options and it will take me quite a while to come to terms with it all.

The IC-PCR model is the same as above, but without the cellular and other gaps and was available for Federal government or for export only. This might be a good option for somebody who wants to mount the R unit away from the computer and use a shorter coax cable for less signal loss, maybe in a roof or somewhere like that.

I thought it was me, but then I looked at the reviews for the Bonito software here on eHam, and everyone says the same thing. I can hear the LF beacons, the utility staions, the HAMs, the “mega-watters”, the public saftey poice, fire, etc all the way to the the microwave relays sort of.


I installed the latest firmware into the receiver, and loaded the latest control software onto the PC, and wow I only found 4 channels with problems and they were not any ones I really listen to that much. Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. Sure it is not quite to the same level as an AOR type radio but it is close and some people might not like the idea of having a radio that needs a pc to use some of the features but to do most things you can use the remote head.

The radio’s kind of “deaf” under kHz and over mHz but it still holds it own very well. Massive coverage, all the modes, extremely fast scanning, excellent band scope with the latest firmware and software, recording to the PC etc.

I’m not icpm why Icom made the front end of the higher bands on these radios so poor.

IC-PCR Communications Receiver – Features – Icom America

Contact the site with comments or questions. It has the following connections: It worked extremely well with the remote control head. Incredible coverage is yours with reception from ;cr1500 kHz to MHz less cellular and minor gaps. I’ve had the receiver since they first came out and have not experienced any problems.

IC-PCR Communications Receiver – Specifications – Icom America

I really do think that I have finally found a radio that suits my needs. This provides compatibility with many computer models, even laptops. Six forms of scanning are supported. New to Ham Radio?


Icom PC Controlled Receiver: IC-PCR1500

Wish I had looked at the Icom specs. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. Please also note the Icom Japan now offers version 2.

Comparing between a full quieting signal on a Yaesu FT, the Icom was extremely noisy. For shortwave listening below 30 Mhz they do a pretty good job. As far as receiver performance – it is excellent, it really can receive anything and everything that is out there.

Easy recording is nice. It stayed there in the closet many years, maybe 8 years. When you connect up the R to the computer in my case a laptop using the USB cable you are asked which port it is on, once you set this ucom are away and can explore the software and the many features it offer.

I also had a bit of a listen to HF with about 20m of wire hanging between my car and a tree up there and it seemed to work ok, I did notice some broadcast band signals icok 2MHz and 30Mhz but I guess given where I was that is not really unexpected.

I enjoy this receiver and have it deployed on www.