Punch shots were a breeze, just sort out your set up and crunch it away low for a piercing driller down the line. Afterall, that’s the publishers job. I was able to cut the 7 iron as I wanted but the draw was a little harder to execute for me. The combination of strong lofts and the head design support those objectives. There was another thread already on this:

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At heart, they are still a club that good players love. The offset should help higher handicappers without being so much as to become a distraction. For irons a mix of Titleist and Mizuno.

Ping S58 Tours Putter: O to the HI O Handicap: Ljst Redwood Mallet Putter: These clubs flat out outperform most others.

We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but diyest you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant. I then hit some shots with an R9 iron and the performance was identical to the R7s.

All I care about is how they look at address and how they perform. Mizuno has a similar story. Just from my opinion: Posted February 14, I was using Titleist cb irons before buying the R7 TaylorMade irons. Not to mention advertisers at all the golf forums.


You may think everyone posting to threads is just an “everyday Joe Golfer” like you, but don’t be fooled. Who’s playing what matters. Mizuno Mx Super Game Improvement: In my opinion, its somewhat cyclical. Adams Idea Game Improvement Iron: Want to hide this ad?

Golf Digest Hot List Discussion – Equipment – GolfWRX

How can a club be hot when it is not even released yet, it is more hype. I was fairly impressed with the aesthetics of the R7 iron. Fall colors pre peak.

But that’s just me. Mizuno 10″ Staff Bag the blue is nice, the running bird however I was able to cut the 7 iron as I wanted but the draw was a little harder gol execute for me.

Golf Digest 2007 Hot List Discussion

I thought we should start a thread to get everyones thoughts on the Editor’s picks and other clubs that made the list. Register a new account. If I were gof organize the results, I’d make sure that there were evaluations of each club by the handicap of the evaluators. Don’t think the publishers don’t know which companies spend the most with them.


TaylorMade r7 Graphite Iron Set

They have more people a wider range of handicaps smacking balls and providing feedback. They look good, feel good and are good value, all in all they are pretty good. When come to choosing one for myself, digwst will want to make sure it suits my swing and that I gplf hit it well. Granted, they’ve started to put out a lot more clubs in the past few years to try and broaden their customer base.