Cable and DSL modems connect to your convertible tablet PC through an Ethernet jack and provide a faster connection speed than a standard telephone modem. Internal wireless label A label similar to the following indicates your convertible tablet PC contains a wireless communications device. Helpful 3 Not Helpful Comment Flag. Networking Your Gateway M Example access point wireless Ethernet network By using an access point, you can join a wireless Ethernet network and access a wired Ethernet network. Using the touchpad To.

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Power Take your AC power adapter to recharge the battery. If you have trouble after installing your old programs, you can restore your convertible tablet PC’s previous settings using System Restore.

Power schemes groups of power settings let you change power saving options such as when the display or hard drive is auddio turned off. Contact your network administrator for more information about remote access.

Use this feature in bright lighting situations, such as outside in bright sunlight. To adjust the overall volume level from Audiio Installing a parallel port printer You can usually install parallel port printers by following these steps. Customizing Your Gateway M Adding and modifying user accounts You can create and customize a user account for each person who uses your convertible tablet PC.


SOLVED: Gateway M sound driver software – Fixya

When the battery charge gets low, change the battery or connect to AC power immediately to prevent losing any unsaved work. In fact, all information on aconvertible tablet PC is stored in files. Read this chapter to learn: Windows permanently deletes all files in the Recycle Bin.

Are you a Computer and Internet Expert? The Edit Track Tag s dialog box opens. The Scroll Lock status indicator appears when this function is turned on. For more information, see “Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity” on page 1 1. Do not write on the surface with an ink pen or pencil.

Your convertible tablet PC will move out and away from the port replicator. All files on your convertible tablet PC will be deleted!

Protecting from power source problems During a power surge, the voltage level of electricity coming into your convertible tablet PC can increase to far above normal levels and cause data lossorsystem damage. For more information, see “Reinstalling device drivers” on page Thebuttonshavedimplesso that you can press them with your pen.

E-mail S Open your default e-mail program.

Some PC Cards can become hot with prolonged use. You can create this type of network to quickly move files from onecomputerto another. This process is called streaming. The built-in microphone is turned off when a microphone is plugged into this jack.


Gateway M275 laptop sound card drivers

This function can be to scroll up or down, maximize or minimize the active window, or open and close the Start menu. This connection type is commonly used in offices around the world and can be used to build computer networks in the home.

Simultaneousdisplay allowsyou to control the presentation from your notebook and at the same time face your audience. Press the left button twice in rapid succession. Press the key combination again to restore the sound.

Posted by taozon on Apr 12, All wireless Ethernet components must use the same frequency. You use these ports to connect peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, and digital cameras to your convertible tablet PC.

To connect to a Web site: Doing so can cause fire or electric shock by shorting out interior components.