On the other hand, for the power user, the simple nature of the software might not be so appealing. You can adjust this rating by dragging this slider. These differences impact many things, including the visual appearance of the image as well as the overall file size of the data, to name just a few. These are caused by either a malfunction with our specific S unit or more probably dirt on one of the internal parts of the scanner. The only significant downside is that it only scans to PDF: An optional ‘Advance Exchange’ service provides a replacement scanner prior to any malfunctioning unit being shipped back to Fujitsu.

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We have a number of scanners in the workgroup and departmental segments that offer TWAIN support, but the S snapscxn likely continue to run off the proprietary driver.

From our testing, creating a searchable PDF using various documents in English resulted in very acceptable searchable files. One of the most interesting design and hardware features on the S is its ability to charge directly using a USB connector—actually, two USBs: These are caused by either a malfunction with our specific S unit or more probably dirt on one of the internal parts of the scanner.

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Fujitsu ScanSnap S review – Engadget

We did find the lack of TWAIN support a bit of a downside, as it could have made this otherwise superb product even better and more appealing to a larger audience. What the ScanSnap S is not, however, is a portable graphics studio.

The ScanSnap S snapsan also scan business cards and postcards on thicker than normal media. The only problem is that in this mode, we lose the option of creating a PDF using the software. It has a good range of features, including the ability to view PDFs with a thumbnail viewer, arrange files with simple drag-and-drop actions, as well as create searchable PDFs.


Before we go over some of our test results, here are the basic specs of the S, according to Fujitsu:.

A waterproof, rugged walkie-talkie phone. Scans can be perfromed in Normal dpi colourBetter dpi colourBest dpi colour or Excellent dpi colour modes; you can also scan in black and white. The S was created for office work, scanning text and the occasional brochure or presentation. The business-card scanning feature works very well and, at 80 percent accuracy, the bundled OCR is not perfect but its ease of use and simple integration with external software such as Microsoft Outlook usually compensates for that.

If you’re scanning sensitive documents, you can even password-protect your PDFs. Are you considering a portable scanner that does not at all require a computer and can store scanned rujitsu on an internal storage device and could even be connected directly to a printer to produce copies, like fujistu digital camera?

The ScanSnap Organizer software comes with the S and functions, as its name implies, as an image and document file organizer. There is no doubt that speed is one of the strongest sides of the S; the ability snspscan scan a dual-sided color A4 page in less than nine seconds is truly remarkable by any standards. On the other hand, for the power user, the simple nature of the software might not be so appealing.

Anything below Best color and JPEG resulted in distorted colors and fairly poor image quality, and unless quality is not really important, we can recommend using Excellent for any type of color picture.

Software Downloads: ScanSnap S300

The searchable-PDF function worked very well for the most part, it is a very useful tool for day-to-day office work, and the business-card software is a nice addition that worked flawlessly with Microsoft Outlook we transferred all the data with the press of a button. A notch above expectation. The ScanSnap S comes with a one-year warranty as standard.


The Fujitsu ScanSnap S scanner brings the convenience of duplexing and an automatic document feeder to scanning on the go. The scanner market has undergone a revolution in recent years—after the initial success of stand-alone scanners in the late s fujitus early this decade came the multifunction devices that in the space of only a few years decimated most of the stand-alone-scanner market, except for the high-end professional units and a small number of portable units like the S There are snapscab things to snxpscan in the future, for sure.

The results were very surprising, showing that, using both the AC power adaptor and USB, there was no measurable difference between scanning black-and-white or color images, as well as duplex or simplex pages. Fjitsu, we changed all the settings and fixed the issue, but Fujitsu could have saved us some time by using some common sense when creating the software.

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Fujitsu’s been making scanners for years now, and it’s even figured how to bypass the PC altogethe CardMinder does not export the image data into Outlookonly the index field information.

These issues could have easily been put aside if Fujitsu would have included a TWAIN driver, which enables users to scan via third-party software through Adobe Photoshop, for example. At the end of the day, the S is the closest fujitsk we are aware of to being the ultimate portable scanning device.