Soon there will be a small plant growing in the flowerpot. YOB’s here once again to sift through his bulging sack mail sack, that is and answer a heap of letters. The correct de- cision moves Ace on to the next piece of animal ton. The chart uw information from retailers of every size, from small focal stores to big high street chain stores. AH the thrills and spiffs of the cop car coin-op.

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What ever happened to the game 19 Part li – The Com- bat Zone? Drop everything ex- cept the required tool, go east down, and eaM r and il for Marvin. Get on the blower, ring the number shown above, answer the questions, and keep your fingers crossed.

You gave it a disappoini- mg review. Should clut be triad, though. Perhaps Keith Camp- bell does?

I’m sure some- one does. The sound is also atmospheric and ejgeton enhances the action. Blast an anil re wave end power-upe mn left behind to help you hick even more ass.

At the stan of me game one of three modes of play can be selected: Three holes in the ground. Kilia- marsh, Sheffield AM Ace gita Ma girt!

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I myself have two delightful rhino- ceroses. And another As well as the game being utterly brilliant, tfi also super bly presented, with a pass- word scheme to let you ac- cess higher levels and. Put the dangly bit into the cup, and press the switch. Did you know that Bronwyn was once a mem- ber of our cracking group? The best conversion I have seen on the Amstrad. Re- cently rt was the lurn of this lucky young lad.


Who knows the secret of the Black Magic box? You will now be able to complete the course without skidding or having to brake Also if you run out of lime you keep going at the same speed, even though the engine sound drops 10 tick-over Selecting neutral at any stage o the game stops you from skidding and you main- tain your speed regardless of Ihe amount ot time remaining.

Dear Yob, Could you tell me which is the best console at the mo- ment. And, at last, Elite have decided that it’s time to launch the first one on 16 bit.

List user guides and manuals for EMGETON, MP3 player/ walkman in Česky – Czech language:

So how does it actually work? The nation’s four bravest adventurers we given the task of sailing back to the Drakkhen island and wiping out the whole face Domg so would be i cult The only due was m the wmdwzard s tale – while at the Drakkhen’o palace, he no- licad 6m immense reptilian statue, it’s eyes shedding eight tears for the dragon race During the conversation with the Drakkhen High Priesl. Yup, the sequel to one of the biggest advan- ces in gaming technology could be sitting in your bedroom, wowing friends and rela- tives alike, and generally making you one of the most respected members of your com- munity and beyond – after all its one of the very first to be imported xult Britain!!


Frank Dolmans is another addict of Sierra adventures, and he managed to complete Space Quest III in fifteen days Rat without any help – fin- mean feat!

Extra energy can be gamed by using the first aid kit on level 32or by eating the food carried by some of the enemy On reaching Gruber. Played it all before? If you have got a fast machine and enjoy btg combat simula- tions with plenty of depth, check this out, Those who like thetr tying action faster should try F 15 II Or Bomber instead.


More thsm jus i j li. Interactive Technology, through which to sell the game.

Emgeton M6 Cult

The game you were referring to was the Ko- nami beat ’em up Cnmehghi- ers. When the missile attack starts, in- sert the large plug into the large receptacle, and press the generator switch. TYPE followed by the required word en- closed in double egmeton.