At a minimum such license shall safeguard Intel’s ownership rights to the Software. The Fujitsu chip used on the AT has a design flaw: By looking at the driver source, it appears that the IRQ is hardwired to Since then the hardware address is checked to avoid these false detections. The 3cB shouldn’t suffer from the same problem, due to having a larger buffer. Latest rumour is that they solder on a capacitor that they left out in their initial design to fix the problem. See the above information on the DE

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I have no idea packwt this will work, but if you have any success with it, let me know, and I will include it here. They are not intended as high-performance drivers. Available surplus from many places.

Some problems can arise with poor NE clones. This is supposed to be dev re-badged DE See the readme notes for what’s new, bug fixes, known issues installation instructions, and supported hardware.

You can reach AT-Lan-Tec at I accept the terms in the license agreement. Note that the device name that you pass to ifconfig is not eth0 but atp0 for this device. For 16 bit ISA bus machines you can use nearly anything. This driver should also work with NE and NE clones.

DOS TCP/IP Networking with Packet Drivers

Laptop users and other folk who might want a quick way to put their computer onto the ethernet may want to use this. Boot DOS on your system. Also note that this detection method means that it is difficult to predict which card will get detected first in a multiple ISA 3c configuration. The reason is that the driver works well with slow machines, but the i occasionally hangs from the packet buffer contention that a fast machine can cause.


DEC 10/Base-T, NDIS

Parallel ports were not used for communications as much as serial ports were. Ask for the model that works with Linux, or ask for tech support. Prolan b, no brand on the casing, only a roman II.

The LNP card has been verified to work with the generic driver. You may reproduce and distribute the Software only as an integral part of or incorporated in your product, as a standalone Software maintenance update for existing end users of your products, excluding any other standalone products, or as a component decc a larger Software distribution, including but not limited to the distribution of an installation image or a Guest Virtual Machine image, subject to these conditions: Using a home network cuts down on your time “doing the floppy shuffle” and saves wear and tear on your system.

Inside the packet driver is code dow talk dfc a specific piece of hardware. Please see Alpha Drivers in this document for important information regarding alpha drivers. So we often lose packets because of overruns while receiving from a fast remote host.


Top of the document, Beginning of this Chapter. Note — The dnet driver supports cards based on the DEC and chips. Russ writes that ” As a result, there was a great variety of programs that used different rules for sending data. Except as expressly provided herein, no license or right is granted to you directly or by implication, inducement, estoppel, or otherwise.

This is just a 3c clone, with a different S. Blasting files around the house at speeds ranging from 25KB per second on a slow machine with a parallel-port Ethernet adapter to KB per second on a high end with a 16 bit NE compatible adapter sure beats the heck out of ‘sneakernet.

The card with the lowest hardware ethernet address will end up being eth0. Please help me, I need Digital packte. Networking for DOS is always an add-on feature so it takes a little bit of work to set up, but nothing too difficult.

Nobody is shipping Mbps hubs yet!

Bonus points here for using a standardized power connector instead of a proprietary one. Included into kernels v1.