Basically, while in terminal I need to type something to execute the file on the desktop. Permission denied see http: Driver speed is limited to 14, until a key is purchased. I’m a bit confused too if ” –info” is to be typed in also See below: Within ancient kernel 2. I don’t remember where it is in KPPP, but find the modem connection speed and set it down to 58K or whatever your actual connection speed is closest to. A Pentium processor with the MMX enhancements is required.

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This should be your preferred method of installation. I’ve used the Conexant driver in the very dim past, and from what I can remember, if a pre-built driver isn’t available for your particular running kernel, the installer needs to build a driver I burned that file to a cd on the mac and took it to the Ubuntu machine. Took the Speakeasy conrxant.

In the downloads section I see that they conexamt prebuilt binaries for Ubuntu. I assume you have tried the firefox icon on the top of the screen? I’d suggest you go and buy a cheap external modem – anything should work Not true Not all jsf modems will work. I’ve never played with dialup on Ubuntu.

The selection on ebay is really poor right now. It ends up on the desktop as scanmodem.

3DP :: Conexant(Rockwell) HSF V92 56K Data Fax PCI Modem Driver download

I’m sorry that you are frustrated with the number of threads I’ve posted and will limit them from now on. There are two support package types: I can’t locate the prebuilt binaries. You may not be able to get to this directly My modem is hsf, so I attempted to type the HSF driver command into terminal but was told access is denied.


I’m a bit confused too if ” –info” is to be typed in also See below: If you are using Ubuntu, a file called “makefile” shouldn’t be in your desktop at least in a place where you can see it. The ultimate situation in my opinon is for the modem to modemm up when firefox or evolution is launched. Can you give me a url. The reasons I’ve created so many theads is I just recently learned how to have threads emailed to me by default in the control panel.

The method you have chosen is the most difficult! Someone posted earlier that there is an easier way to do what I’m trying to do and at some downloads page here at Ubuntu.

Unfortunately, gnome-ppp is not included in Ubuntu and must be downloaded from repos. But to my question now: But I’d suggest you to create a new thread for each of your questions, so that others who have the same question benefit from the answers you will get too.

Select type of offense: You are logged in as. We’ve ran modemScan and think we narrowed it down to conexant and downloaded the conexant driver but we’re stuck at this point on how to proceed. You can just download it and double click on it. A Pentium processor with the MMX enhancements is required. I’ve put a gig hd in it, formatted it, booted from Ubuntu, and when I couldn’t get the dial up modem to work, I simply connected his “new” Confxant computer to my nodem dsl verizon modem via an ethernet cord and Ubuntu recognized it like a charm and I simply love Ubuntu and so does he [which Ubuntu users should take as a compliment because I think Mac OS X is a sweet interface to use].


What application are you trying to install? Seems you downloaded an older version of scanModem, mocem better to always have the latest one, it is located at: Now the ocnexant looks like a lot of hassle – frankly, I’d suggest you go and buy a cheap external modem – anything should work, as long as it connects to the serial port and not via USB. Also check out links in this thread http: The latest version and related information are available at http: