It also has links to free offers and to www, gateway com where you can learn more about or purchase these products. You can also use pictures or HTML documents that you have created or retrieved from other sources. When you disconnect a cable, pull on its connector, not on the cable itself. If you have a telephone modem, use a surge protector that has a modem jack. For more information, see “Recharging the battery” on page and “Changing batteries” on page

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The modem will not work with digital or PBX telephone lines.

Full text of “Gateway Laptop Service Manual: ARC USER MANUAL”

Look at the battery charge indicator: The AC adapter has dangerous voltages that can cause serious injury or death. Some keys perform specific actions when pressed alone and other actions when pressed in combination with another key.

Power schemes Save As Sending and Receiving Faxes Setting up your cover page template You can create your own cover page template that you can use in place of the cover uzb templates that Microsoft Fax provides for you. Type the keyword power management in the Search box search I I S.

Gateway 200ARC DC Input Board w/ USB

Label information varies by model, features ordered, and location. After you connect your digital camcorder to your notebook, creating a video DVD typically consists of ksb basic steps: Discussion topics include hardware component and upgrades, ultrabooksgaming laptops, Netbooksand laptops accessories and much more.


Take a portable surge protector to protect your notebook from power surges. When spilled onto computer components, almost any liquid can result jsb extremely expensive repairs that are not covered under your warranty. As a part of the regular startup process, a program to check the disk status runs automatically. Otherwise, you may be violating copyright law and be subject to payment of damages and other remedies.

A pop-up menu opens on the desktop. For more information, see “Replacing the hard drive” on page Read this usbb to find out how to: You can also adjust settings such as the screen background and screen saver.

These files cannot be usn. Advertisements or commercial links. Using the Properties Window Click on a feature in the menu tree to see a page of settings for that feature. Caution A Emptying the Recycle Bin permanently erases any files or folders in the bin.

When you copy and paste a file or folder, you place a copy of the file or folder on the Windows clipboard, which temporarily stores it.


Keep your notebook stable during travel. Type the keyword deleting files and folders in the Search box search I I S. If you cannot find the file you want to delete, see “Searching for files” on page The TSID is transmitted when you send a fan, and usually consists of a fax number and a business name.

Load a game like Microsoft Racing Madness 2 on your computers, and in minutes, you 200xrc your friends can race in competing cars or on competing motorcycles. A SpeedStep-equipped processor can change its operating speed according to the power source.

If you do not have an Internet service provider, udb update utility works by direct-dialing the device driver update service. Otherwise, go to the next step. Power Take your AC power adapter to recharge the battery.

Managing Power Monitoring the battery charge Closely monitor the battery charge. Type the keyword files and folders in the Search box Search [ fl, then click the arrow. Position the pointer over the object. To monitor the battery usbb